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Crude palm oil daily price

Some products we deal in

  • Fatty acids  namely – capric acid, capryillic acid, lauric acid ,Myristic acid , palmitic acid, stearic acid, oleic acid
  • Emulsifiers/emollients
  • Sodium laureth ether sulphate –SLES, SLS
  • Ethoxylated alcohols

  • Palm kernel fatty acid distillate/coconut fatty acid distillate
  • Fatty alcohols  – short chain, mid cut –lauryl, cetyl, ceto stearyl
  • Natural animal feed
  • Ready made detergent powder
  • Liquid soap


  • Coconut di ethanolamide- CDE
  • SOAP NOODLES- soaps
  • Palm kernel olien

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Take a look at the specifications of our products

Fatty Acid, Glycerin, Fatty Alcohol, Esters

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